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Thank you for the visitation on the EuroBLECH exhibition. Here, we would like to introduce the available digitalization packages of ConSenses and Andritz Kaiser:

pic EuroBLECH Collage

Partial picture 1) shows the connection rod with the integrated PiezoBolt. Partial picture 2) is a photograph of an M16 PiezoBolt that is located within the connection rod in order to measure press loads securely  an precisely. Partial picture 3) shows the prototype of a cable guidance which can allow connection of more cables between connection rod and press housing in future.

Basic The sensory basic system

pict basic en

The PiezoBolts, mounted into the connection rod measure mechanical loads of the press precisely. This allows reduction of damages evokes by force peaks, backstroke forces and and excentric loads on x-axis can be drastically reduced.

Smart Digitalisization of press forces

pict smart en

The responsible person for presses gets full access on force information within the press. For analysis reasons, the comfortable analysys tool SmartEvaluator is included. Individual protection of press is possible based on reasonable data and comfortable rule design within IntegratedControl. This allows configuration of detailled warnings and mashine stop for security and productivity reasons.

User, planing to start without building analysis knowledge by themself, can profit by the sophisticated data service packeges which are offered by the ConSenses and Andritz Kaiser. Within these service offers, customers receive weekly or monthly reports for e.g. quality meetings or design meetings.

Compact Machine and tooldata

pict complete en

The compact package offers full scope of tools for troubleshooting and process-improvement on the layer of machine, tool and process. powerfull connectors for tool- or peripheral devices allow usage of praxis relevant information from tool and machine. This high quality and sorted data allows solving of unexpected troubles sustainalbe, although if the process is running again.

Of course, we offer our data services also for fully equiped measurement tools and machines. This allows efficient outsourcing of data competence and focussing on productivity.



Intuitive Hightech in the Standard

ConSenses sensor bolts are standardized machine bolts with the possibility to record changes of the preload force in both tension and compression mode with high resolution and in real-time. On this basis we provide intuitive systems for technical diagnosis and improvement. Products

International standard Platform for digitalization

Principally every bolted assembly can be used for data acquisition. For process monitoring, process and plant analysis as well as for safety functions. A simple assembly is always guaranteed.Branches

Why ConSenses Direct benefit

Our technologies enable you to record critical process, plant and system data in real-time, evaluate it immediately, analyze over long periods or monitor directly. Our solutions are remarkable for its simplicity.Applications

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