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Industrial measurement with significance
An intuitive standard

As developer and producer of industrial metrology we provide comprehensive service for the entire measuring chain. Based on sensor bolts our service portfolio includes mobile measurement systems up to fully automated monitoring systems.

You can combine our patented PiezoBolts with our intuitive measurement systems or use already existing amplifier and evaluation software.

The productive use of measuring chains is possible only due to suitable data evaluation and visualization systems. Our systems are adapted to industrial applications. This makes them remarkable for their robustness, performance and simplicity.

On following pages you can find information about sensors and systems and accompanying services.

Force measuring bolts

ConSenses PiezoBolts are standardized machine bolts with the possibility to record changes of the preload force in both directions - tension and compression mode with high resolution and in real-time. 



Measuring systems

ConSenses industrial systems provide all necessary materials and accessory to a) record significant data in industrial fields b) analyze quickly and precisely, c) make reliable decision on high quality reports and d) control machines automatically.



Individual support

We support you from the concept phase to measuring accompaniment and complex data evaluation up to interpretation of results and finding of solutions and definition of fully automated process controls.