Individual solutions

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Individual systems and support Comprehensive supply to solve your measuring tasks

ConSenses measuring systems are characterized by easy handling - from integration to reporting or monitoring. If you wish we support you from the development of the measuring point to the configuration of the measuring chain up to interpretation of measured values, reporting and finding solutions. We provide individual solutions including following modules.

Cable Connection

High-quality cable connections are required for real-time measuring. We assembly cables for individual application fields, adjusted and optimized for force sensor bolts. Depending on your requirements we provide protection against dust and moisture.


Physical correct and intuitive illustrations enable your experts to interpret recorded data securely and to make or prepare decisions target-oriented.

We are constantly developing in order to provide simpler and more significant visualizations of complicated processes and relations.

Our goal is to review, secure and deepen your experience and expectations concerning your processes on the basis of our systems.

Measuring amplifier

ConSenses technologies shall support you with demanding tasks and therefore seamlessly integrate into typical workflows. For this reason our Measuring chains are adjusted for applications in rough and demanding industrial fields and are easy to handle.


Our productivity tools enable you to evaluate large amounts of data and to solve complex problems quickly and target-oriented. Our experienced data specialists will be glad to support you individually with your individual problem.

We support you from the moment of your first screening measurement up to the formulation of complex monitoring algorithms and the evaluation of large amounts of data.


ConSenses sensor bolts are standardized machine bolts with the possibility to record changes of the preload force in both tension and compression mode with high resolution and in real-time. 


Measuring systems

ConSenses measuring systems provide all necessary materials and accessory to record significant data in industrial fields quickly, precisely and to output it in a report form.


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