Reduction of load within bolts of 90 %

The risk of failure can be drastically reduced by measurement with a bolted connection.

Within a press shop, bolts that fixed the closing cover of the tool holder broke in irregular intervals. Consequently the cover cut loose during ejection process and in the worst case the overlying transfer rails were damaged, which moved directly over these parts.


A measurement day with ConSenses showed that the huge dynamic load changes at the used M20 Bolts reached 90 kN per stroke, which was beyond the dynamic load limit of these bolts.

Together with the responsible production personnel, it was traced that during a simplication of the setup process the connection concept for the bolt was changed unintentionally.

Remedial measures were initiated in the bolted connection and tested on the same day. The result was a 90% load reduction on the bolt connection to around 6kN. This is definitely below the critical load and secures the connection.


  1. It is possible to check risk of changes with a mobile system within minutes.
  2. Objective representation of data helps focussing teams on real enhancements that cover risk and rationalization.

This  Article shows details (in German).