Measurement- and Data-service „Servo-curve-setup “

Make potential of your servopress accessible

New machines in press-shops are more and more servo motoric machines “Servopresses”. Indisputable benefit of this technology compared to mechanical presses is the huge amount of freedom for individual configuration of the ram velocity profile. Compared with conventional hydraulic presses, servopresses are characterized by way higher dynamic. Thus, this machine type basically combines the best of both worlds. Advanced recuperation systems nowadays allow reduction of peak energy consumption. By this, the question of needed power supply is solved for most cases.

Advantages, which convince on the paper immediately, are in most cases hard to reach 1:1 in practical application. Reason is, that not the ram movement alone defines the output and costs of a machine but the full interaction with tools, material, cutting shock dampening and other moved masses. This combination of influences is today neither on paper nor in state-of-the-art-simulations illustratable.

Consequence of this deficit is, that

  1. Servomachines are driven in “sinus-drive”
  2. Servo curves follow one leading paradigma (e.g. output) and produce unwanted additional loads at tools and powertrain at the same moment

The first point basically challenges the investment in the new technology. Costs were originated, but the bought potential of the investment is due to fear, carefulness or leak of knowledge not used.

The second point can mean a huge amount of risks. Perhaps the output was brought on a higher level, but in most cases the optimum cannot be reached due to accompanying negative effects. Additionally, often these users face unexpected errors or damages at parts, tools or the machine itself, which can occur at different points of time.

Based on years of experience in the surrounding of Force and acceleration measurement in and around machine, ConSenses GmbH developed approaches and procedures that paint a full picture of ram-position, force and acceleration timelines.

Machine builder, which cooperate for longer time with us bring own staff, that is capable supporting this kind of projects and provide own deep insights in machine behavior for the user. In other cases, we lead the measures together with a team of qualified staff of the user.

Depending on the type of process, we can typically reduce mechanical loads at same or higher output for two-digit percentage alone by optimization of the servocurve.

We willingly discuss your questions on this topic and discuss expected enhancements for your processes. Feel free using our calendar app in the contact area.