It is absolute crucial, that pre-analyzed IoT Data are traceable and integrated carefully

If data with a technological background are acquired in a production field, the needed acquisition rate is normally comparatively high. Sampling frequencies above 1 kHz and resolution of 12 to 24 Bit are often needed to identify important force or impulse patterns. If several sensors are used, this quickly leads to several MB per machining cycle. In press shops, machines typically run with rates of 14 to 1.000 machining cycles (strokes) per minute. The surveillance of several aggregates or machines tightens this situation.
Transporting and processing these amounts of data to a central IT-system is normally neither wanted nor efficient. For this reason, we developed systems which calculate technological indicators tech KPIs, that are speaking for technicians, on the edge of the network.
Edge of the network means on the machine within edge devices (EdgeSenses) and prepared for human beings or submitted to higher-order IT or IoT-systems.
It is absolutely crucial to stay meaningful if peculiar patters are recognized on aggregated KPI-Data layer. For this reason, we care for continuity and integrity of data. This concept allows your expert to understand technical reasons and interconnections behind peculiar data.