With ConSenses industrial measurement systems, we guide you to success straightly. This is possible, because we use existing eco systems, structures, solutions and processes and make dependencies simple visible with our products. ConSenses industrial measurement systems connect technical systems directly, delivers characteristic technical values (tech. KPIs) or allows deep analyses – all depending to your efforts. The new insights open the doors to quicker ramp up of new processes, allows surprisingly often tweaking of even highly optimized processes and offers attractive options to realize digitalization secure and sustainable.


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Application for IIoT-Tests in DigitBrain-Project now possible

The EU-Projekt DIGITBrain is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 program. The strong consortium invites producing companies to make practical test implementations of IoT-Technologies. Financial support for these "experiments" is possible.

H2020 DIGITbrain project, funded by EC under the Grant Agreement number 952071, includes Financial Support to Third Parties (FSTP) under two open calls. DIGITbrain has the ambition to transform the CloudiFacturing Solution and ecosystem (developed in the H2020 CloudiFacturing Project) towards the requirements of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS), utilising the Digital Brain and its underlying technology components as the main innovation of the project.

This first Open Call is focused on attracting Third Parties (especially manufacturing and ISV SMEs and mid-caps) to perform experiments to validate the DIGITbrain solution and to make SMEs more competitive by transferring innovative solutions into the wider manufacturing community. Experiments will be implemented in close collaboration with Digital Innovation hubs and technical partners of competence centers. This interaction should start during proposal preparation, DIHs and technical partners of competence centers acting as business and technical supporters for applicants. This collaboration should continue during the experiments’ deployment and execution. Closer informations are available here:


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