Data protection notice

ConSenses cares for the protection of personal data. Therefor, we applied a local solution for the optimization of our web appearance and analysis of resonance of our publications. We are happy if you contribute to optimization of our public communication and do not disagree with the usage of cookies on our webpage.

Here we would like to reveal, which data we collect and how we use them, if you do not disagree:

  1. We use the web analytic tool matomo ( offered by InnoCraft Ltd., 150 Willis St, 6011 Wellington, New Zealand, („Matomo“).
  2. We make data of visitors anonymous by deleting the last two number blocks of the IP address. This leaves us a chance to make conclusions on countries and sometimes regions, from where visitors find us.
  3. We assume that the usage of this data is legal, because they help us to optimize our services (legitimate interest) and do not harm your basic rights (anonymous data) Art. 6, Abs. 1 f DSGVO.
  4. From the data, we can derive the quantity of users, who visit our web page and which topics are from main interest. For this reason, we can build anonymous user profiles.
  5. What do we do?
    1. The above mentioned web analytic software is installed locally on our server.
    2. The software can store a cookie within your browser. This allows amongst other things to reidentify browsers.
    3. The acquired data are stored locally on our server and only accessible for ConSenses GmbH.
    4. We delete data automatically after 180 days.
    5. The data may and shall not used for personal identification of users. We do not map acquired data with any personal data.
  6. If you want to disagree storage and usage of these data in combination with our web page, you can do this with a click on the following disclaimer. In this case, an Opt-Out-Cookie will be stored in your browser. In this case matomo does no longer collect data if you visit our homepage. Please be aware: if you delete al cookies on your computer the opt-out-cookie will be deleted, too and has to be reactivated.