The ConSenses sensor portfolio is structured under the aspects of quality, simplicity, robustness and cost efficiency. Thus, we offer modular solutions, which are best fit for your individual application.


We develop new solutions, where the market shows gaps. Based on this strategy our patented piezo measurement bolt (PiezoBolt) was thought and built. Where it is wise, and possible, we use standard solutions, chosen together with your expertise or based on your needs. We qualify these elements and integrate them into the system in order to solve the current tasks.

In industrial measurement projects and digitalization tasks, big amounts of data can rapidly arise. Management of these information should not be done by humans for a longer time due to cost and efficiency reasons. Due to this fact, we apply reference sensors, which allow the automatic and safe structuring of data.

With the accompanying accessories, we offer the possibility to upgrade or finetune your system to a robust solution for production site to a flexible tool for R&D department.