PiezoBolt PB12

Sensor bolt

Product information

Our patented sensor bolts look like conventional machine bolts with a pin connection in the head area. In terms of mechanical strength and appearance, PiezoBolts correspond to common bolt norms.  Characterized by various unique features, they make high quality and extremely valuable sensors.

The connector is adapted to the individual operating conditions of the PiezoBolt. ConSenses force measuring bolts are robust, easy to use and are able to resolve force signals from single-digit Newton up to 100x10³ Newton.

Dynamic loads can be captured and transferred in real time by means of high precision elementary sensors, which are protected by highly robust connectors. As a result of the connecting element, a defined force flows through the elementary sensor system.

The PB12 sensors can also be used as an bolt adapter solution for M24. This opens up the possibility of fitting any bolt connection with the PiezoBolt technology.