Linear sensors with puch rod

Flexible sensors for fast integration

Linear encoder based on push rods

Linear encoders based on push rod technology are simple and robust elements. Compared to wire rope sensors, they require a little more attention during integration. Therefore sensors with integrated spring allow a mounting, where the ram movement only recorded at the lower dead center. We rely on this technology for long term integration for a variety of reasons.

We willingly support you to find the best sensor solution for your current task. Compared to the conventional procedures for process monitoring, the crank angle used in our approach  has significant benefits:

Since the accquisition takes place directly at the active element, no conversion of angular degree and angular minutes is necessary. This drasctically simplifies the analytical use of the data, as corresponding lengths can be directly reading into tool drawings.

Furthermore, the captured push rod path itself offers considerable potential for the extraction of significant knowledge. Suspension and tilting as a result of process parameters can be directly integrated into monitoring and analysis. The crank angle is not suitable for this granularity.

Finally, the use of the crank angle is prohibited for the orientation in a production process when a servo-operated machine is driven in the orbital stroke. This is because, in this case, the control precision in the reversal point of the crank drive directly enters the quality of the evaluation basis.

We willingly support you to find the best sensor solution for your current task.