Automated analysis and control

IntegratedControl automatizes decisions. Data is analysed by intuitive set of rules for well known and new models. Automated decisions reduce the burden on your personnel and enable the efficient use of valuable resources.


The integrated monitoring system serves as a process oriented information platform. Knowledge about errors is automatically recorded and can be forwarded to control and management systems. Your employees consequently learn from each other and the management keeps an overview.


Safe decisions are based on a robust evaluation. IntegratedControl generates comprehensive process information in previously unknown density, quality and interpretability. On this basis, you can plan and implement the appropiate steps in a timely manner.


Continuous improvement is based on fast and objective information. The ConSenses regulation system and the high quality data handling ensure that errors are comprehensible at any given time. Known malfunctions are automatically identified, which allows for targeted treatment of the cause. This leads to acceptance among employees and sustainable success.