Investments are safe: All Systems of this product family can be modularly expanded

ProductionSenses connects inventory and new machines with temporary process-management-tools. The system is characterized by minimal installation efforts and allows secure and high automated decision making based on high-quality production data.

We offer mechanical and electrical standard connectors, these give you the freedom to integrate ProductionSenses fluently into your existing infrastructure.

The system monitors your processes based on reliable physical data and offers the same intuitive possibilities for analysis like our mobile analysis system DeveloperSenses.

ProductionSenses contains

  1. ConSenses PiezoBolts for a high quality measurement of force signals.
  2. Reference sensors or a connection for existing angular or linear sensors, respectively.
  3. The process recording system ProcessScope.
  4. SmartEvaluator for rapid production of meaningful illustrations for reports that are valuable in planning and for design of control algorithms.
  5. The automated analysis system for process control and high value machine protection.

Ask us or our local reseller. We will willingly discuss your individual case.