The mobile service system for developers, decision makers and maintenance personnel

DeveloperSenses offer the following benefits:

All the necessary tools for making fast and reliable decisions are included in this mobile deployment system.


In the robust flightcase, high precision charge amplifiers are protected from water splashes and mechanical damages.


DeveloperSenses has been tested for many years in industrial production and is continuously further developed. On this basis, a variety of additional modules created meaning the system always has the right answer for you, depending on the requirements.


ProcessScope is the central platform for configurating your ConSenses solutions. The procedures follow practical requirements and provide a full overview of the system status at any given time.



ProcessScope integrates sensors harmoniously into your monitoring concept. The barrier free integration allows for rapid, flexible and individually relevant information to be collected. Intelligent measurement channels ensure high quality data handling and reliable assertions.


The storage concept of ConSenses is aimed to provide safety, simplicity and speed. The well conceived storage strategy enables regression at any time, even to older recorded production data. The entire product life cycle is retrievable on request as well.


ProcessScope functions as the control centre of ConSenses solutions. In addition to the ConSenses tools and components, other systems can be connected as well. Interfaces to MES-systems, press control or specialized data handling systems complete the system depending as per the requiremnts..


SmartEvaluator allows fast and efficient browsing of large amounts of data from series and mass production. For precise navigation, the bipartite browser based representation always provides the necessary context to the displayed process data.


Innovative and fast methods for grouping, highlighting and the use of meaningful characteristic values enable you to identify significant patterns as well as potentials for improvement within the data immediately. The representations are easy to comprehend for everyone involved. 


Create reports and presentations in the shortest possible time, summarizing the decision making principles. SmartEvaluator is designed to work in combination with sets of drawings and production plans.


On the basis of reliable data, far-reaching decisions can be taken and audited. Before and after studies drastically accelerate the confirmation and validation of the results. This consistency demonstrably leads to faster communication and changes based on a broader consensus within your company.