Automated reporting of machine loads

Reports of machine loads are prepared and sent fully automated. Data may be used in dashboards, ERP systems. We offer ready analysis patterns for typical processes.

EdgeSenses allows to record and process every cycle of a machine (press strokes, milling cycle, product pass, ...) with quality of laboratory measurement technology. EdgeSenses is equipped with high value aluminum housing, prepared for DIN-rail mounting. By means of preparation for production surrounding channels are galvanically separated and differentially connected. The system offers numerous I/Os for digital real time signals as well as a strong industrial PC for data preprocessing.

AutoReports summarize key Tech-KPIs based on every production lot, on the lifecycle of a tool of single material charges.
These reports are easy to understand and constitute an important foundation for investment planning and improvement projects.
The charts contain by default local forces, acceleration and energies. A detail plot of a representative force an acceleration curve gives a good impression of the typical process cycle.