We match the skills of engineering, measurement technology, analytics and IT

Design, engineering, production, analytics, IT and leadership. Everything needs to fit for running processes.

ConSenses combines interdisciplinary competences and develops solutions, which connect important departments

Design and production

We offer comprehensive experience for designing and analysis of technical structures. Drawings, step-models, mock-ups and simulations are documents from which we derive the expected behavior of processes and machines. We use technical documents in order to analyze with your experts where we have to install sensors in order to reveal key-information, that allow to enhance processes and machines targeted and verifiable.

On the shop floor, we use our proved measure and sensor-technologies and acquire detailed data about the structure during regular production. Often, unexpected details decide about success or failure of projects.

Without trusted data and from good sensors and sophisticated analytics of important load cases of mechanical structures, doctrines of different departments may leas to tensions between designing and operations departments. We reduce this potential for conflicts by bringing facts into the discussion and focus the energy on root cases, which can be judged on a neutral and trusted decision base.

Based on this approach, competencies of your departments complement each other and limitations of production and design are shifted noticeable.

Production and Sensors

Industrial processes are mastered in perfection and series production needs thousands of cycles of machines and tools. Processes and methods need to be simple and robust. The recent years lead to more product variants and flexibility of production. In consequence, machines provide more degrees of freedom.

Consequently, machine operators and setup staff need to recognize and judge way more parameters during their daily work. For good results this staff needs support with the right information at the right time and presented in the right manner, that helps to reduce the cognitive load within the harsh and complex environment.

The sensors need to cope with extreme constraints by means of precision & reliability, robustness and simplicity. For this challenging reason, we developed specialized sensors and use proved ones, that are available on the market.

Sensors and Analytics

A sensor value without analytics and presentation has no value. Additionally, the data processing needs to fit to the quality, robustness and simplicity of the applied sensors. A mismatch of sensors and data processing leads to either over-engineering or destroys one or more dimensions of simplicity, quality or robustness.

Our systems for data guidance and analytics follow the dictum to be as simple, precise and robust as our force measurement bolts. This design-maxim leads consequently to user-friendly and balanced systems consisting of sensors and analytics.

We build the whole measurement chain and every single part following the before written paradigm. From the sensors and realtime acquisition to the analytics in direction of IT and IoT. Our core competence is to acquire, analyze, store and transfer high quality data of series production reliable and simple. For direct analytics and checks, we offer our data-viewer SmartEvaluator, which allows to check huge amount of complex data visually, fast and easy.

Analytics and IT

Our sensors are mounted in production machines, typically. The acquired data is stored, processed, visualized and postprocessed in IT-systems. We deliver the data stream complete and secure into the customer side IT-system. For this reason, we use the transactional software component connectAI.

A crucial aspect concerning analytics and IT is, that we explore mutually with our customers, which analysis step should take place on which IT-layer. This means: Customers have the largest possible control to decide, which details should send to their IT-system and which part should be preprocessed or reduced by which means in earlier layers (e.g. within an Edge-Device).

IT and Leadership

The before shown relations mean huge changes during the implementation. We could build experience in many integration projects during the setup of IoT systems. It is absolutely clear, that a good and strong leadership is needed in order to realize and accompany innovations like these.

We stay at your side during the implementation, provide our experience from many projects and help to make successes visible as early as possible. The special challenge for leaders of IoT -projects is, that used project structures of staff from design, production sensor-integration and IT is different and sometime 180° other directions.

Successful realizations need your specific internal competencies and external competencies. We provide our experience all along the cooperation and give orientation, help above, around or through obstacles and warn before pitfalls

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