Connectivity to cloud, ERP and MES

EdgeSenses serves you as a source for high quality data and information for your IT- and cloud systems. Synchrony, consistency, efficient preprocessing and simplicity make the difference.

Our experience says, that precise information about mechanical loads do stimulate major, often unexpected, ratio potentials. For this reason, we designed EdgeSenses. The system combines analog measurement technology with digital I/Os and an integrated IPC into a forceful edge-device, that produces high value "labeled" data.

ConSenses is a trustful partner of major producing companies and machine builders since 2013. In production fields we dayly go down to the mechanical layer. You call us if you need trustable labeled data from your production shop floor.
We are experts for data acquisition and efficient data processing in production surrounding We concentrate on the task to make high value data from your machines accessible, understandable and usable. EdgeSenses contains applicable connectors which allow to move and use well-structured data into your IT-environment directly.

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