The mobile service system for developers, decision makers and maintenance personnel

We provide insights into production plants and processes

DeveloperSenses includes ConSenses PiezoBolts, reference sensors in the form of translational or rotatory encoders, process recording software (ProcessScope) and our tool for quick generation of illustrations for reports (SmartEvalautor). This package allows quick acquisition of meaningful process and plant information with minimal efforts. Clever tools make prompt and significant evaluations, directly at the site or for analysis in the management office afterwards.

The software ProcessScope is optimized for industrial production processes: Parts are detected automatically, the flexible amplifier technology allows to record minimal process changes up to high force amplitudes in the range of kN.

Comprehensive data can be evaluated quickly and meaningfully using the analysis software SmartEvaluator. The design of this software is implemented with deep engineering know-how and extensive experience in structured data analysis. The result is a highly intuitive tool, which relies on a liquid processing style with a clear vision for quick and safe decision making.

Development tasks are inherently characterized by a high risk. Therefore developers and production managers are constantly confronted with following questions:

  1. Is the implementation mature?
  2. How can uncertainties be reduced?
  3. Have assumptions and derived measured been justified?

The development system DeveloperSenses supports you to clarify these questions.

  1. Sensor bolts allow effective force flow screenings.
  2. You can check your assumptions within minutes.
  3. The system completely supports methodical and structured procedures.