Successful industrial IoT Applications must integrate physics and chemistry

Many IoT-applications think the future from machine control to the “big IT”. This follows the idea to realize value based on existing data. Within the IoT Hourglass, this is only the “north side“ of the IoT-hourglass from the process via MDE, MES and ERP into the Cloud.
Successful companies with manufacturing scope make daily use high efficient manufacturing technologies to realize their creation of value. In these processes, main resources are bound and daily decisions are made that decide about win or loss.
Our strong belief is that major chances of improvement open, if the methods of IoT can be applied on the technological side (south side of the IoT-hourglass), too.

We work on this topic daily. Successful and happy customers confirm us on our way. The very good of this approach is:

  1. Experts are integrated.
  2. Approaches get objectified.
  3. Success of tasks is directly measurable.
  4. Know how customers is kept and valued.

Going this way, we help to digitalize companies, by leveraging the accumulated, proved knowledge.